What is a rat blocker?

A rat blocker for lying sewer cables consists of a device which can be installed in a sewer line well and inspection chamber.

The rat blocker includes two flaps, which are suspended independently of each other, allowing free passage of the home’s waste water, while also preventing rats from entering into the residents sewer system.

Denmark has very strict requirements for rat blockers. They must be produced in materials that rats cannot chew on, such as acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316th All welded joints must be stained so that the welds cannot be attacked by rust. 
Blockage of the sewer system must not occur due to the rat blocker, and they must be simple to install and remove.

In order to be sure that the rat blocker meets these requirements and also effectively provide protection against the rats not getting through, they are tested, and the rat blocker undergoes a VA approval at the Danish Technological Institute, Pipe Center in Taastrup. This VA approval is the consumer's guarantee that the rat blocker has been tested and approved and complies with the standards of rat blocker.